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About Chris Rizzo

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I'm an Online Business Building Strategist with 14 years experience. I've specialized in helping several hundred small and medium size companies build online strategies that yield positive returns on investments. I invite you to take advantage of my years of honed expertise and make it work for you today.

With the growth of the Internet and social media now is the best time to take your online business plans and put them to action. The Internet is a huge growing opportunity to build your business and increase your profits right now.

To get started look around this site. You can take advantage of the free resources like my blog or shoot me your top Web site question, or get a quick assessment of your site or a 1 hour business building intensive. If you've got a Web project or need Internet marketing such as SEO shoot me an email or give me a call at 407-453-0636. I'll be happy to discuss your needs and help get your business on the path of success.


In over 14 years as a Senior Web Architect/Technology Leader, I have gained invaluable expertise building, launching and maintaining 200+ ophthalmology and cosmetic surgery Websites, including one of the top 3 doctor directories on the Internet. I've also worked with many local companies putting their businesses on the Web, and generating reliable search engine traffic and leads.

My broad technical background and project management skills have been major contributors to the success I've enjoyed during these years.

Select Work Experience

  • Helped save a company from significant financial difficulties by quadrupling traffic to its flagship site and more than doubling advertising sales revenue
  • Directed the development of a fully template based Web site system earning 3 times the expected sales
  • Developed a custom e-commerce system using current usability standards causing e-commerce sales in just the first three days after a cold launch totaling over $1,000

See my resume in the column to the right for a complete list of accomplishments and experience. You can also take a look at our Web design work here in Orlando and abroad.

Key Competencies Overview

Web Design, Production & Launch
Directing isn't just about knowing everything there is to know about a Web project, but also bringing the strengths of team members together and carefully weighing the needs of the organization with the needs of the user. This is where research, planning, design, and persuasion architecture make a site a success.
Search Engine Optimization/Marketing
Search engines drive qualified traffic to a website. For example Google.com's natural listings drive about 70% of search engine traffic to an average site.
Website ROI & Conversion Strategies
Once a qualified visitor arrives at your site will they be convinced they should stay? They must be delighted to find what they are looking for and persuaded to take action.
Usability Heuristics/Standards & Testing
Usability makes it easy for site visitors to find what they are looking for. Usability strengthens credibility.
Advanced/Intelligent HTML/CCS Techniques
Intelligent webpages are coded to download incredibly fast and are accessible on all browsers and all platforms. CSS separates the content from the design so a site is easier to maintain and less expensive to redesign.
Accessibility Standards & HIPAA
Web accessibility enables users with a range of sensory impairments or computer hardware limitations to remain in control. It makes a site viewable on a wide variety of devices such as WebTV, screen readers, and PDAs.

For my services call me at 407.453.0636 (mobile), or contact me online here.

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Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

Cisco Systems



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