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Entreprenuer's Secret Script Bank

Don't kill your self trying to come up with a solution from scratch when I have one already made for you!

I have numerous scripts to:

  • transparently opt-in users to multiple email marketing lists,
  • show a person's city and state on a landing page,
  • show a person's keyword phrase on a Google AdWords landing page
  • integrate ecommerce systems with autoresponders,
  • setup one-click upsell chains for InfusionSoft or 1ShoppingCart,
  • automatically submit Kunaki CD/DVD orders after after a sale,
  • aMember customizations and serial content roll-out for membership sites and micro-continuity programs,
  • build out micro-continuity and membership site,
  • and many other soultions!

To learn more about the solutions I can offer you call me at 407.453.0636, or contact me online here.

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Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

Cisco Systems



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