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Website Roadmaps® Speaking Series

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Presented by Chris Rizzo, Director of Web Development for Orlando's Nousphere, Inc.

All topics include actionable tips for immediate results! Speaking points are all based on today's industry standards, and Chris' 14 years of experience in the Web development industry as a team leader, business builder, and avid marketer! Each speaking session is 45 minutes long followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers. Shorter or longer discussions can be arranged for your event.

  • 10 Things You Should Know About Ranking Your Site on Search Engines
    How search engine optimization works, putting it into perspective, where should you start and where can you take it, what keyword phrases can your site rank for, how well is your site ranking now, and what are common pitfalls and misperceptions. Actionable tips and a step by step roadmap to success.
  • Killer Copywriting Online: How Giving the Customer What They Want Wins Every Time!
    How online copy writing differs from offline copy writing, and why doing it wrong can kill your site. How visitors read online, what they hate, and what they love to read. How to diagnose your own Web site copy. Actionable tips.
  • Top Ways to Reliably Get Traffic To Your Site: Taking It Beyond the Search Engines
    Learn how you can get qualified traffic to your site using tested methods that include blogging, social bookmarking, joint ventures, pay-per-click and more. Yes, these work almost every time.
  • E-mail List Building Is for Everyone! How to Add an Opt-In Form to Your Site & Double Your Customers
    Whether you have a list already or not, find out how to optimize your opt-in offer to maximize sign-ups, and then create an irresistible serious of emails that convert your opt-ins into customers on autopilot all year long. Learn the one secret to getting 200% to 300% percent more opt-ins than a typical opt-in form.
  • Is Pay-Pay-Per Click Advertising Right for Your Business? When it Works Boy Does it Work!
    How to know if you'll be throwing money down the drain, or if your PPC campaign has the potential to be a money making machine! How long will it take, how much do you have to spend, and why do it at all if you're already ranking well in the search engines.
  • Live Website Clinic: Find Out What the Top 3 Priorities are for Improving Your Site!
    Have a chance to get a quick review of your Website and learn what's working and not working for your visitors. See your website through your visitor's eyes. Chris will combine his experience to give you instant actionable feedback and guarantees you'll find these insights extremely valuable.

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Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

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