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How to Send Hand Picked Daily News Stories to Your Followers With a Few Clicks

By Chris Rizzo on December 20th, 2013


If you'd like to find the best news stories of the day and send them all to your social media audience each day, I'll tell you exactly how I setup a system to do it. This saves you time by creating a great deal of automation, and helps you share valuable content with your audience. 

The bottom line is that reviewing the news each day and sharing it with all of your audience doesn't have to take hours, it doesn't even have to take 30 minutes. I can do it in about 10 minutes. This is a great example of using systems to work smarter, not harder. 

Click the video below to watch…

Here is a simple 3-step strategy for getting news to followers:

1. Check Newsfeeds Daily

Check those feeds daily. I recommend having at least 10-20 good news or blog feeds.

2. Add to Your New Feed

Mark the stories you love and convert them into a new single RSS feed that contains all of your stories (automatically!).

3. Distribute the Stories

Set your new RSS feed to send it's stories to your social media followers throughout the day. You can automatically send them to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Resources Mentioned In this Video

What do you think of this system? Can you use this for your business? Let me know what you think below in the comments. 

Oh, and I'm sure you'll have questions, so ask away.

What Science Tells Us About Getting ReTweets on Twitter

By Chris Rizzo on December 16th, 2013

tweet-retweet-450[1]My favorite kind of marketing knowledge is that derived from analysis, stats, and testing. In short science. Dan Zarrella, a social media blogger and employee at HubSpot, hits the nail on the head with his findings related to retweeting.

In short, after doing his own research for a year he’s conclude the following:

  • Tweets with links are more likely to be shared.
  • If you ask for a retweet (e.g. appending “Please RT”), your tweet is more likely to be shared.
  • If you talk about others instead of yourself, your tweet is more likely to be shared.
  • If you tweet about the news or current events, your tweet is more likely to be shared.
  • And finally, and oddly enough, it seems people on Twitter love Twitter, so if you tweet about Twitter it’s more likely to be shared.

From my own experience, I’ve also found certain kinds of content gets retweeted more than other kinds. Hands down interesting quotes are very likely to be retweeted over things like facts, tips, and even news. If you have the right audience than humor such as jokes can also have a high rate of retweeting. The best thing you can do is try all kinds of tweets and see which your audience responds to best. Then you can emphasize that content if you wish to.

Your turn! Have you found there a certain kinds of content that is shared more on your social media profiles? Let me know below.

Facebook Fans: Should You Buy Them? (Part 2)

By Chris Rizzo on December 11th, 2013

buying facebook fans

The other day I brought up the subject of buying Facebook fans and whether someone should "buy" them or earn them. Is it really a question of buying vs. earning, or are there other options? 

Buying fans remains a hot topic in Internet circles. I wish I had a dollar every time I heard someone brag about their "purchased" Facebook fan base.

Be careful with this.

On the surface, it sounds appealing. A closer look reveals something very different.

Buying Facebook Fans: Four Levels of Fan…From Garbage to Goodness

As I had mentioned in my last email there are four levels of social media users you can obtain that I've identified.

Each gets progressively more expensive if you were to purchase them. 

They are:

  1. Fake profiles to follow you.
  2. Real profiles to follow you but they are un-targeted, and could have low activity.
  3. Real profiles targeted to your niche, and could have low activity.
  4. Real profiles targeted to your niche, and have high activity.

Fiverr.com and most services will provide levels 1 and 2 above for very little cost. These are the ones most marketers are buying (not knowing any better). These kinds of fans do you no good.

Once you get into the levels 3 and 4 realm prices go up, and for 4 you'll find few companies doing this, but they're out there.

I invented a system to build 50-300 followers a day on Twitter in the level 4 category where your followers have to "choose" you, and likewise I have another process to get level 3 and 4 self-chosen Facebook fans too (though I didn't invent this process, it's pretty straight forward and requires advertising). It can be done!

With these approaches because your fans chose you, you have to earn it.

The only reason you'd want to do level 1 and 2 is for the appearance of credibility. Some social media companies will initially load you up with these low quality accounts in order to give your profile a high initial credibility and then start targeting genuine people interested in your niche. I don't personally like that but I get why they do that.

The Big Question: Loyalty. Is It Better To Rent Or Earn It?

In the end, the true reason we all want more Facebook fans is to have them engage with us. We want our fans to know more about us, our brand, and our businesses.

It's about building "real" relationships.

If you invite people to be your fans and those people are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, then you have a win-win on your hands–whether you're buying that win-win or not. 

Delayed gratification always takes longer, but I believe it's the best way to build your Facebook presence. A few thousand overnight fake fans can doom your Facebook content and prevent your site from being seen by very few "real" people.

Have you considered buying fans? I'd like to hear what you think, let me know you're here.

Social Media- Is It Right for Your Business? 6 Jaw Dropping Statistics That Will Convince You

By Chris Rizzo on December 9th, 2013

social_media_signs_NousphereAll signs are pointing to social media! The good folks at Steamfeed.com recently published an article titles “6 Easy Ways Social Media Can Build Your Business Now”—there were some good tips in the article (click here to read it), but what really caught my attention were the social media stats they had included. I’m always on the lookout for interesting data about how and why people use social media, and how it can help businesses generate more leads and sales.

Here are the stats that got my attention, quote:

  • Seventy-two percent of adult Internet users in the United States are now active on at least one social network. That is up from sixty-seven percent in 2012 and just eight percent in 2005.
  • Social media generates almost double the marketing leads of trade show, telemarketing, daily mail, or PPC. Double!
  • Ninety-three percent of online research begins with a search engine.
  • Sixty-eight percent of consumers say they check out a company or brand on social media before buying.
  • Sixty percent of LinkedIn users have clicked on an ad and forty-three percent of United States marketers have obtained at least one new customer through LinkedIn.
  • Fifty percent of consumers on Facebook and Twitter are not only ready to recommend, but more likely to buy from businesses and brands they are actively following.

In both the B2C and the B2B space companies are using social media followings to entertain, inform, and educate prospects, and then generating social media leads by offering free ebooks, webinars, access to live events, and running contests and promotions. Opportunities for running ridiculously targeted paid ads on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are also growing—and by “ridiculously targeted” I mean for example on Facebook you can target ads to people whose email addresses you’ve uploaded, or friends of their friends!

If you were unsure in 2012 and 2013 that social media was here to stay, or if it was just a passing fad, let these jaw dropping statistics be a sign to you that social media is certainly here to stay–at least for a while! Put on your seat belts and get ready for the ride because in 2014 businesses will be making a bigger leap to get involved and join the social media conversation. Statistics like this, and mainstream reports by Forbes and other large media outlets will fuel interest.

Despite these great stats, and while social media marketing has matured greatly in 2013, may businesses are finding social media far more complicated and time consuming to manage than they can handle, and are looking for help.

What’s you’re opinion? Are businesses crazy to not be leveraging social media right now? Share your thoughts below, and let me know you’re out there.

Facebook Fans: Should You Buy Them?

By Chris Rizzo on November 20th, 2013

facebook fans - should we buy them?

Photo courtesy of Entrepreneur.com


What's the big fuss about buying Facebook fans? 

This subject comes up a lot in social media circles.  It even makes a few people cringe.  

Regardless of where you stand, I don't think the subject should be swept under the carpet.  A better idea is to put it on the table and discuss it amongst ourselves.

Should you do it? … shouldn't you do it? … is it wrong? … is it good for your business and reputation?  These are all worthwhile questions.

It's no secret that people want to boost how many Facebook fans they have, and some think its okay to buy "fans" to reach their goals faster. How about you?

Let's go a little deeper with this subject …

Are they really your Facebook "fans" or are you just buying junk?  Often they're fake with fake accounts, like having robots follow you around.  There's no marketing value other than making your numbers look good.  Some fans are paid to follow you, and then later those fans unlike you and you are no better off than when you started gathering your Facebook fans.

At the other end of the spectrum is another example. A Facebook "fan" who comes to your page because he was driven there by advertising, or saw your offer, and decided to "like you" because you piqued their interest. This fan chose you. This is a fan of yours.

buying facebook fans - yes or no - Nousphere orlando web development

If you're buying Facebook fans do you know what kind you've bought?

There are actually four levels of fans or followers you may be able to buy on any social networking site, which we'll talk more about in the second part of this email.  There are pros and cons to each one of them.  It comes down to personal decisions.

Don't buy Facebook fans - Orlando web development Nousphere     

In my opinion, the idea of stuffing your Facebook page with fake fans is generally a bad idea.  It's unethical, and it's counterproductive to both your campaign and your marketing budget. Spend your marketing time more wisely doing tried and true tasks that will bring lasting fans to your business.

In my next post we'll take a closer look at the different kinds of Facebook fans you can buy, and you'll see which are best, and which are right for your business.

To be continued …


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